Come to Think of It

When I first started posting messages from the group of people who call themselves the Pleiadian Renegades, I never thought putting a few notes online would lead to the creation of the network of websites and people that it has. Three years and a half later, I am awe-struck at what the Pleiadians have given to us all. Every word is alive and I am part of the process every time I write. Being the conduit for their messages is hardly a passive experience! I am more and more a part of a timeless tribe, realizing my own part in a continuum of energy that unfolds in each communication and consciousness sharing. I can feel a place at their side, and I am sure you can too, where the truth of their words is tangible, open, and welcoming.

How many of us for whom the Renegades’ words bear deep resonance of the OM of home have known that, eventually, we would reorganize from the scattered divisions of life’s streams in the days leading up to our reunion with a greater soul family? I have heard from many of you that this has been so. Greater harmony exists under the current undercurrent of anarchy and chaos that sweeps across the globe, and despite outer appearances, people are more empowered—within—than ever before. I saw recently a post, somewhere, that said when there’s nothing left to lose, there’s nothing left to fear. We are all facing the loss of a way of life we’ve grown accustomed to, there’s no denying. The world has changed too much for that not to be true. However, just because the world around us is falling apart in one way or another doesn’t mean that a new world isn’t waiting to be born, and if we are watching ourselves fall apart in one way or another, it’s just as true that there may well be another humanity on the brink of being.

This is how I’m choosing to look at things, anyway.

Back to the Pleiadians. For a long time we’ve heard the mantra “soon… soon…” regarding their eventual appearance on the shores of our reality. Discussions about disclosure, viral videos of lights in the skies, admissions of belief in the existence of extra-planetary sentient life from ordinary folk all the way up to the Pope… these are just some of the signs bolstering the belief in contact soon to come. Not to mention crop circles, channelings, bestselling novels and blockbuster (or bust) movies and “programs”, some benign and some not so much. Yet, balancing that, there is evidence of secret goings-on in the shadowy halls of underground bunkers and high-rise boardrooms, strange sights in the skies that just might be secret projects and stories of high weirdness possibly related to those things we ordinary folk aren’t supposed to know about. It’s enough to shake one’s confidence, and yet… there is still this gnawing knowing that won’t go away, this coherence of particulate light that sometimes grips my spine when I get a glimpse of some truth of a greater existence that had been forgotten in the scramble to stay on my feet in the maelstrom of modern life on Earth. Do you get that? Echoes are everywhere and they too are gathering coherence, pulsating from the caverns of timeless memory outside of our present drama and tickling into life an inkling that things as they are won’t be that way for much longer. The rhythm of the planet is picking up, the cadence of truth is gaining some torque, and despite the best-laid plans of mice and men, there’s really no telling what’s going to happen next.

Well, not exactly. We can say with confidence that we have a rough idea, and discreetly hide the fact behind our backs that we really believe that a greater plan is about to hatch in a big way to change everything to our collective benefit, and beyond. That’s what’s been going on in our faces all along, isn’t it? After all, it’s what we’ve heard from the Voice of Authority for a long, long time. “I am confident…”, “Everything is fine…”, “There is nothing to fear…”. Are you confident that everything is fine, despite flood, fire, and famine tearing down the structures of recognizable reality? Are you without fear, knowing there’s a bigger picture than the one flashing violently on the computer screen or tv? Most “aware” people have been practicing the vocabulary of empowerment, thereby exercising faith in the love and intelligence and benevolence of something greater than the individual in isolation from the Self or Soul or Godhead, or some such arrangement of words. Perhaps, just perhaps, this has been the whisper of Nemesis teaching us a new mantra. One man’s lie is another man’s truth, and vice-versa, and the truth is open for any of us to claim.

As I’ve written the Renegades’ messages over the years, their words and the energies behind them have tested my limits in so many ways, pulling me to the edge and oftentimes past what I believed I could bear with my faith, my physical being, my ability to love, and my mettle to survive. I don’t feel like I have much of a comfort zone anymore, or a place that feels like home on this world; even that has been drawn so far the picture is over the edge of the page. And that suits me fine in such an anything’s-possible world like the one we are watching crumble and come into being right now.

Something’s on tap that’s been brewing for a long, long time. An interdimensional toast is at hand, my friends, doesn’t it feel that way? Not some manufactured, overblown, tasteless facsimile of the real thing. I mean a refreshingly new reality we’ve had such tantalizing tiny tastes of. Leave the bitter dregs behind. As our hearts are emptied of the stale drafts of a broken world of lies and illusion, may they be filled with the pure streams of loving goodness our souls remember. And if by chance or by design our brothers and sisters from the friendly skies beyond Earth’s now-troubled atmosphere happen to show up, so much the better. When it comes to raising our hands together with full hearts and good cheer, side by side, the more, the merrier.

For now, we have a bit of global ferment to navigate through before we finally touch that sweet wine of remembrance. I’m more than confident that we’ll get there. As sure as the words that have streamed from their cosmic origin have left a trace of nectar in your soul, you’ve tasted that moment, too. Remember the sweetness of home, my friends. It’s not so far away.


In My Dreams

I have often felt that this world of illusion is not very considerate of those people who live on the planet as visitors. There are, after all, illusions to suit any persuasion of fancy, but not many in the general mainstream that fit into the vision of truth that aligns with extraterrestrial humans living on Earth to assist in a transformation of consciousness and physical reality. I think that’s got to change. It’s not that I know of any such people, I just think there are some here now, and more will be here soon. It’s just my opinion but I think it’s worth considering, as I do know it’s similar to the opinion of many others more studied in the matter than I.

So I have this dream from time to time, in which I am with other people who are made of light, and they are explaining some things to me and I am feeling like my awareness is being refocused, like I’m being rewired. I’m sure many of you have had some similar experience. It’s nothing even remotely like classic abduction scenarios; it’s more like visiting with a friend or two and tidying up while you talk. Tea time comes later. I’ve had this kind of experience in healing practice, and in meditation. It’s sort of a dream theme. I can never seem to remember exactly what went on, but I do know something is bound to be different in my waking experience afterward.

On July 28, I meditated a while with the countless others who were aiming for a prime hour of power with regard to focusing human consciousness on creating a new dream for the living. I saw, in my mind’s eye, a mass of people crashing towards a wall or ceiling, like the inside of an eggshell. My energy was with their energy, and it was as if we were creating a surge to break through with one intent. With a gathering of awareness of that movement, I saw first cracks and then a huge piece of barricade blasted into bits, humanity rushing forward to greet whatever was on the other side. Gosh, that felt good!

Recently, I’ve been focusing part of my consciousness on the new website, the evolution of Speaking of Nine, which is just now online. Thanks to generous readers, phase one of the site has entered phase two, newly dressed and ready for prime time. You’ll find some new features along with the familiar. The collections of messages from the Pleiadian Renegades and Anica are under “Streams of Consciousness”, and each has a subscription link if you would like to get the latest communications as a feed. I’ve started a new blog of my own personal impressions, Bends of Light, and, time permitting, I think I’d like to include some of my personal chats with the Pleiadians and others from the past several years. There are links to my Facebook and Twitter scenes, and a new social network, Opalescent Collective, has just been launched. This is your invitation to interact more directly with others of like mind to share your wisdom, your views, your favorites, to initiate discussions and gosh, just about anything. Opalescent Collective is designed to be a social hub for the community that is coming into being around the writings of Nine shared by the Renegades and Anica. Stop by and introduce yourself, and visit often. It’s brand new, and ready for you to share your thoughts and dreams and visions. Please join the creation!

The new site is like a dream come true. You see, for as long as I can remember, it was always my dream to write something that would be of benefit to people on multiple levels, and I wasn’t getting that sense of satisfaction from writing for the corporate world. Then years ago, when I was awakening from that illusion, beings of light rewired my consciousness in a most loving and gentle manner (usually, except for those expansive headaches that sometimes followed). I was offered the opportunity to dream a new dream. I started writing in partnership with a higher aspect of my consciousness, tuning my receiver a bit off-dial to higher frequencies, and I watched the new dream turn inexorably into reality.

We’ll crash this eggshell-thin barrier yet between this world of illusion and the promise of humanity free, whole, and happy. With all the energy of human consciousness turned together toward that, something’s gotta give. See what’s possible. Dare to dream a new reality into being, dare to wake up, dare yourself to change. The world is at least ready for that.

Funny you mention Close Encounters…

With all the buzz lately concerning us all meeting our cosmic brothers and sisters, ascending, opening doors to new ways of understanding, et cetera, it’s easy to notice coincidences. Like when a group of us were gathered recently around a campfire and asked, from our hearts, for a sign that we were on the right track even hoping to have contact. We all looked up and saw a gigantic cloud in the shape of a heart. Well, okay, clouds are one thing, and very subjective, even when there’s agreement of the picture you see. I’ll take it for what it is, just another nudge to keep focused on my heart.

This evening, we got another tap on the shoulder from the Office of Odd Coincidences, just a small one, really. I heard my partner, Don, suddenly laugh from the other room. “You’re never gonna believe this one,” he says, as he walks over to me holding a calendar in his hand. It is one a neighbor left with us, just a cheapie little business promo wall calendar, with a single photo for each month. “I was looking at the month of July,” Don continued. “I thought, wow, it’s almost over… I wonder what day August 15 is on (referring to the Waitaha prophecy that we’d recently been made aware of)…” at which point he held up the calendar. “Look what the picture is for August! Devil’s Tower,” he announced, thrilled at the irony.

Here’s a photo similar to the one in our calendar:

Here’s what I know he was seeing in his mind’s eye:

No, thank goodness, we haven’t (yet) been compelled to sculpt mashed potatoes into landing strips. But it’s funny, isn’t it, there it is, zzzzzing, hello! There are places like Devil’s Mountain, Bald Mountain, Table Rock everywhere, and many have legends of lights or strange happenings connected with them.

I’ll be looking at that calendar page from the corner of my eye, I just know I will. Wondering… waiting…

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