Trading Hope for Something Better


Right now, most of us are feeling tense about things we can’t control. We can dislike the sound of war drums, we can be disgusted with tawdry exhibitionism on tv, we can watch helplessly as headlines continue to surface about radioactivity poisoning our planet’s largest ocean.I feel the tension outside, but I’m not feeling tense… why? I know I can’t change these things myself. I can’t stop war planes, but I can stop fighting with myself. I can recognize other people’s struggle and let go of my anger about it. I can integrate the brokenness of my life experience and breathe peacefully from my Now into memories of pain and separation from source. I can neutralize the poison of negativity, of not-light, which emanates from within me when I feel out of balance, forgetful of my grounding, lost in the demolition of an ancient, buried, forgotten trauma.

The world is the way it is. Trauma abounds. It is our environment, and it is our projection of experience. I have seen what happens when I turn my attention toward what’s happening in my being, tracing the route of tension in my muscles, in my gut, feeling where my breathing is caught, where my thoughts go away somewhere irretrievably… and I bring my awareness back to center. I trust this movement back to center, because I have discovered over time that in the center there is no fear. It is the eye of the storm, and diving into that place will dissipate the energy of the strongest maelstrom fear can conjure up.

So I ask myself, where am I feeling the tension? Breathe into that place. Anger feels like electricity… observe the interaction of waveforms between the anger, the static charge of irritation or annoyance, and the quiet pulsations of peace from the space deep within where the memory of home lives. See yourself as a charged particle of humanity, and allow yourself to see electrons flying away, if that helps. Feel the charge of turbulent emotions settle into neutrality. These are just a few tricks. There are so many more that we can remember and discover to our benefit.

What good does that do? The world is still a tense place, right? Give yourself a minute. Listen. Reality is holographic. As above so below. The structure of an atom and the structure of a solar system, of the universe and brain neurons are identical… maybe you’ve seen the pictures posted on FB! Since what we do within our little world ripples out into the greater reality, wherever you achieve peace–even a shred of it, even for a moment–you have enabled peace in the global human organism of which each of us is a part.

Reality is holographic. Do something to change your life (not someone else’s, just your own… everything else will follow, trust me!) and you will do something to change the world. Build it from there and know that you are a powerful being. You own that power. No one can take it away from you. Turn off the tv and close your eyes, look within and discover a whole new world, truly one of your own creation. You own that.

Trade hopelessness for trust, hope for fearlessness, fear for peace, dreams for reality. Unleash yourself, set yourself free, and watch what happens.


FAQ: Frequency Adjustment Questions… why now?

frequency adjustment questions

For a long time, I’ve had questions for the Pleiadian Renegades and other sources I’ve had interdimensional communication with… questions beyond the business of getting the books and blogs written, and beyond the personal guidance I’ve received for myself and others. Questions like, who are you? Exactly? Really, what’s up, what’s the story with “Pleiadians”? Though it may sound sacreligious (or something akin to that), I have questions and I just can’t blindly accept “We’re from another planet in the Pleiades” as an answer. And “We’re from another dimension” doesn’t really answer anything, either, unless you’re a string theorist.

I had the same questions about God and church, and well that’s another story… but suffice it to say, it didn’t lead to soul-satisfying answers within the framework I was working in, long ago. It led me to explore out of bounds, and make some pretty awesome discoveries about the limitlessness of What Is.

So back to the questions… I’ve had it in mind for a long time now to create a FAQ page for the Opalescent Nine website (way back when it was the Speaking of Nine website, actually). The work has shifted now, in a lot of ways… including that the “day job” work-for-hire I was doing dried up. That leaves me with more time to get creative! So… the FAQ has begun. I have a few entries on the page and will be adding to it as I can, as the info comes through. Here are the topic questions given to me by the Pleiadian Renegades, as hypothetical questions people might ask regarding them, their work, their nature, and… we’ll see what else comes up!

  • Are you real?
  • What is the reason you have not shown yourselves directly?
  • What is the nature of your life?
  • How is it that you call yourselves “Pleiadian” yet the Pleiades star cluster is considered to be unable to support life-sustaining planets?
  • How is the League of Light defined?
  • What is the relationship of the LOL to other groups of ETs we have heard of?
  • Will there be a planetary evacuation because of catastrophic earth changes?
  • Is there a God?
  • How are you related to angels, Elohim, and Ascended Masters?
  • What is your purpose for communicating to people now?

It’s not limited just to the Pleiadian Renegades. The League of Light is opening up to share more information, too. Is this of interest to you? They aren’t exactly the Galactic Federation, nor are they exactly Ashtar Command. In typical renegade style, the LOL (haha) has been sharing a little here and there about its nature and mission, and now they are letting more light through. I suppose now we’re either ready to understand more in a grown-up sort of way, or we really need to have this info as the world teeters on the brink of massive change. Either way, I’m glad to have the info finally coming into an easy FAQ-style format, and to be sharing it with you now.

To make it even more tasty of a tidbit, I’ve started a forum thread at the Opalescent Nine site for discussion and exploration of the Q&A. Please join in, as you feel the inclination. You’re welcome to add your own suggestions for questions for the Renegades to address (about them or on behalf of the LOL)… just keep it germane to the general conversation, and remember I take personal questions for the Renegades to answer, too.

Check back now and then to see what’s new. I’m on a creative streak!

Take Pause

take pause as time unravels Now

Seeing what’s happening now, on the world stage, gives an idea of what transformation is. It’s happening at all levels and lately, that’s right in front of everyone’s eyes. If it gets to be too much, close your eyes, and connect to the timeless sea of what is inside you. Take a break, before the next wave of change sweeps over everything, to remember where you are, regardless of where you’re standing. Remember that there is nothing else but the hum of beingness and the certainty of existence in every breath. In this, find peace and the impetus to move forward as the day unfolds in front of you. In this, find peace, feel it radiant around you, pulsing itself into the space that you occupy, transforming everything… everything.

I’ve lived through storms and felt the blast of nature full-force tearing comfort apart. So have you. We all face them in some way. Augmented by human hands or not, the changes that are showing themselves upon this planet now are undeniably inescapable. We’ll weather it, though, as we do, knowing that we’re in it together, and that the changes that come — indeed, that are already here — are part of the process of a new reality birthing itself, the order of the ages manifesting through, around, and within us all.

As we take a breath and wait to see what’s next on the cosmic horizon, remember each other and know that there is nothing that can tear any of us away from the soulward journey we are on. I wish you peace and safety, warmth and comfort as day and night unravel a core Now, outside of time, inside the heart. Take a pause as time unravels Now.

Yes, It’s Happening Now

doorway open from Pleiades

Being in the earthly vibe these days is hard for everyone and impossible to sustain for many. I have heard of lost hope and no future before, but this is serious business to consider right now. In the recent weeks, the social structure has imploded all over the place, the ones with power are enclosing those without, and hard times are getting harder in every sector of society. It doesn’t matter if you work hard or are out of options, it’s getting near impossible to get ahead and feed the hunger that wells up all around. Meanwhile, those with the goods are getting greedy, and it may well prove to be their undoing at a critical point ahead. For now, the suffering for so many is more than I can bear thinking about, mostly for the innocents, the children, and the beaten dreamers of yesterday.

Yet, there is light coming through the darkness, legitimate forays into hope in the form of shifts of power and rationality taking the reins of leadership. You are in for some surprises, I think, and I’m eager to see what could unfold in the coming months. It feels like it’s time for the card house to fall and a new world to be built up, but it has to be timed just right so no one gets misplaced. It’s already started. Once it gets up to full speed, we’ll see the kind of change that has been promised and hoped for for eons of time.

One of the big flashing signs that’s lighting up the way to change just happened over the weekend, in the new moon solar eclipse. The energies it opened up were ready to pour through and we were ready this time to receive them. They will keep coming in and no amount of intentional manipulation of weather, atmosphere, news or anything else can keep them from anointing everyone on this globe. You can refuse them but they will nonetheless soak you. It is time to talk about the future in tones of hope, letting fear have its brief flash in the pan and be gone, and for life to re-establish itself among us and within us. The door is open and it’s staying that way. Home is on the threshold. Sanity has arrived.

There is no point in letting the daily news have more than the moment of grief that the inability of mind to comprehend the bigger picture allows. I feel grief and it is real, for every story that grabs my heart and wrenches it from fiery worlds of Hell into the reality of this world’s insane overlay of heartlessness and waste. Yet this grief doesn’t consume like I expect it to. It burns out some sense of separation from those who are suffering and brings me closer to knowing that it must change, it has to change, there is no option but for everything to change. In that moment of pain from someone else’s entry into loss, I grieve, then grab the energy of that and throw myself into the totality of the consciousness that is love and comfort and peace, taking with me the pain that has touched me. It’s all I can do, but perhaps there is nothing else that we can do but to act in this way, to bring pain into the open heart of the creative mind of divine source itself.

You have my sincere wishes for peace to find you and for grief to evolve into pieces of light, the pure thoughtform energy of light that is the basis of life. May bright mornings come soon to dissolve the dark of doubt and freedom lead us each to the field of a new dawn. I sure am ready, and I know you are too. Grand awakening for the whole planet is almost arrived. In love, I wish you well.

Come to Think of It

When I first started posting messages from the group of people who call themselves the Pleiadian Renegades, I never thought putting a few notes online would lead to the creation of the network of websites and people that it has. Three years and a half later, I am awe-struck at what the Pleiadians have given to us all. Every word is alive and I am part of the process every time I write. Being the conduit for their messages is hardly a passive experience! I am more and more a part of a timeless tribe, realizing my own part in a continuum of energy that unfolds in each communication and consciousness sharing. I can feel a place at their side, and I am sure you can too, where the truth of their words is tangible, open, and welcoming.

How many of us for whom the Renegades’ words bear deep resonance of the OM of home have known that, eventually, we would reorganize from the scattered divisions of life’s streams in the days leading up to our reunion with a greater soul family? I have heard from many of you that this has been so. Greater harmony exists under the current undercurrent of anarchy and chaos that sweeps across the globe, and despite outer appearances, people are more empowered—within—than ever before. I saw recently a post, somewhere, that said when there’s nothing left to lose, there’s nothing left to fear. We are all facing the loss of a way of life we’ve grown accustomed to, there’s no denying. The world has changed too much for that not to be true. However, just because the world around us is falling apart in one way or another doesn’t mean that a new world isn’t waiting to be born, and if we are watching ourselves fall apart in one way or another, it’s just as true that there may well be another humanity on the brink of being.

This is how I’m choosing to look at things, anyway.

Back to the Pleiadians. For a long time we’ve heard the mantra “soon… soon…” regarding their eventual appearance on the shores of our reality. Discussions about disclosure, viral videos of lights in the skies, admissions of belief in the existence of extra-planetary sentient life from ordinary folk all the way up to the Pope… these are just some of the signs bolstering the belief in contact soon to come. Not to mention crop circles, channelings, bestselling novels and blockbuster (or bust) movies and “programs”, some benign and some not so much. Yet, balancing that, there is evidence of secret goings-on in the shadowy halls of underground bunkers and high-rise boardrooms, strange sights in the skies that just might be secret projects and stories of high weirdness possibly related to those things we ordinary folk aren’t supposed to know about. It’s enough to shake one’s confidence, and yet… there is still this gnawing knowing that won’t go away, this coherence of particulate light that sometimes grips my spine when I get a glimpse of some truth of a greater existence that had been forgotten in the scramble to stay on my feet in the maelstrom of modern life on Earth. Do you get that? Echoes are everywhere and they too are gathering coherence, pulsating from the caverns of timeless memory outside of our present drama and tickling into life an inkling that things as they are won’t be that way for much longer. The rhythm of the planet is picking up, the cadence of truth is gaining some torque, and despite the best-laid plans of mice and men, there’s really no telling what’s going to happen next.

Well, not exactly. We can say with confidence that we have a rough idea, and discreetly hide the fact behind our backs that we really believe that a greater plan is about to hatch in a big way to change everything to our collective benefit, and beyond. That’s what’s been going on in our faces all along, isn’t it? After all, it’s what we’ve heard from the Voice of Authority for a long, long time. “I am confident…”, “Everything is fine…”, “There is nothing to fear…”. Are you confident that everything is fine, despite flood, fire, and famine tearing down the structures of recognizable reality? Are you without fear, knowing there’s a bigger picture than the one flashing violently on the computer screen or tv? Most “aware” people have been practicing the vocabulary of empowerment, thereby exercising faith in the love and intelligence and benevolence of something greater than the individual in isolation from the Self or Soul or Godhead, or some such arrangement of words. Perhaps, just perhaps, this has been the whisper of Nemesis teaching us a new mantra. One man’s lie is another man’s truth, and vice-versa, and the truth is open for any of us to claim.

As I’ve written the Renegades’ messages over the years, their words and the energies behind them have tested my limits in so many ways, pulling me to the edge and oftentimes past what I believed I could bear with my faith, my physical being, my ability to love, and my mettle to survive. I don’t feel like I have much of a comfort zone anymore, or a place that feels like home on this world; even that has been drawn so far the picture is over the edge of the page. And that suits me fine in such an anything’s-possible world like the one we are watching crumble and come into being right now.

Something’s on tap that’s been brewing for a long, long time. An interdimensional toast is at hand, my friends, doesn’t it feel that way? Not some manufactured, overblown, tasteless facsimile of the real thing. I mean a refreshingly new reality we’ve had such tantalizing tiny tastes of. Leave the bitter dregs behind. As our hearts are emptied of the stale drafts of a broken world of lies and illusion, may they be filled with the pure streams of loving goodness our souls remember. And if by chance or by design our brothers and sisters from the friendly skies beyond Earth’s now-troubled atmosphere happen to show up, so much the better. When it comes to raising our hands together with full hearts and good cheer, side by side, the more, the merrier.

For now, we have a bit of global ferment to navigate through before we finally touch that sweet wine of remembrance. I’m more than confident that we’ll get there. As sure as the words that have streamed from their cosmic origin have left a trace of nectar in your soul, you’ve tasted that moment, too. Remember the sweetness of home, my friends. It’s not so far away.

Nothing More than What Is


In the past several weeks, there has been a growing undercurrent of excitement around the real potential for disclosure of extraterrestrial involvement in Earth’s reality. It’s as if suddenly it’s on the table, and people are starting to talk about it more. Aside from the hype of the modern world choking on its own violent creations in cinematic melodramatic forays into the ridiculous, some thoughtful discussion on the nature of extraterrestrial civilization is starting to make its way into prime time, marketed in a more tasteful way than such subjects typically have been. Ridicule is giving way to curiosity, and mere curiosity is more and more caving in to belief in a greater reality than had previously been entertained. It is already begun; there is no turning back, there is no retreat into ignorance. The truth is making itself known. That is not limited to disclosure of ET involvement in our world. It is a truth-telling time, and lights are going on all over the place as people are waking up to the immensity of the world’s cloak of ignorance. In a word, it’s inappropriate for secrets to be kept from the populace any longer. The truth is showing itself left and right, and the ones who have kept secret the truth about our collective history and the great illusion will soon be caught with more than their pants down. There will only be what is, and any attempt to subvert what is into what isn’t will be known for what it is, illusion, a lie.

Everything is going to be unveiled; there can be no more partial truths. We have to be in a position within our relationship to our soul to be able to forgive, understand, and love whatever comes forth. When it comes down to the wire, there is only one choice, anyway: To love or withhold love. If you see some spectre arising from within your psyche wielding a butcher knife and threatening to lop your head off, what do you do? It could be some memory of past injustice done to you that makes you lose your head when it comes to discerning the undercurrents of shadowy Nemesis that lurks within, or it could be some memory of injustice done by you to another. It could be an awareness of how futile one person’s anger can be against the gross body of elite government atrocity. It could be some fear grounded in your deep memories of childhood from the time before you had words to communicate the source of your fear in a world of madness and cold hard truth. Whatever the origin of the spectre, can you disarm it with love? It sounds so banal, so trendy, so poetic. Yet of all possible weapons you could use, none are as effective as the simple shift to love. It doesn’t hurt. It can even feel good. Liberating. Empowering. Even a little fluttery in the gut. Do you dare? You might be surprised, once you do, at how easy it is to take the knife away from the psychopath. And that is just the beginning of how you can change the world.

I don’t think disclosure will come without some discomfort for those who have chosen to stay asleep until the alarm goes off for the final wake-up call. I can guess that there will be some rocking and rolling across the face of the planet as the mask of indifference falls to pieces and the world wakes up to the reality of its beauty and power. Have you taken the time to think about how the truth might affect you? When your fears come out of the closet and present themselves in the light of day, straightening their attire as best they can to seem lovable, presentable, acceptable? Reminding yourself that once you were in fear in front of them, that you have reclaimed the power you had blindly handed over to them, will you hold out your hand in peace to offer reunion to a splintered-off part of life’s expression? You can see how easy it is for the reflex of anger to be the first response to truth walking through the veil of illusion; it’s somehow a part of the natural process of waking up, for most of us. First comes pissed off, then comes enlightenment, the wise man said.

Let love express itself. Open your heart to whatever or whomever has caused you to be weak, and feel the power in it. It is your power. No one is taking that from you. It takes more than one heart to embrace that truth for it to become real for more people, and once enough people understand that truth there will be no entity that can withstand the onslaught of love that results, unless that entity is itself grounded in love. How can you tip the scales?

These are the thoughts that come to me now as I look beyond the overtures to disclosure I see with greater frequency. I have other things to tell you, too. The community at the Opalescent Collective is growing in so many ways I simply invite you to visit and spend a few minutes seeing what is developing there, if you haven’t already. Welcoming new friends and learning from each other’s souls is making it a cozy place indeed. I also invite you to join me on Facebook, where I’ll soon have a new “fan” page to help me keep track of what I’m otherwise sharing (as with family) and create a more focused news feed on consciousness, transformation, and disclosure-related things. Of course, you are still welcome to stay on the “friend” page! I am simply making this available as a less cluttered means of communication for those who prefer it. Heck, sign on to both if you’d like! And if you are yourself a tweeter or a follower of tweets, please sign on to my Twitter page for the latest postings, updates on discoveries, and otherwise random remarks. I’ve recently ventured into MySpace, so stop by and say hello as I figure out how to build that site up, too.

I’ve posted some artwork that came through from Nine some time ago, along with some bits and pieces of Pleiadian script. Please have a look and see what you see in them. They are intricate, odd, and delightful in their messages, some personal, some illustrating the finer points of the science of Nine. Visit the “Art & Language” page at Speaking of Nine.

Look for an announcement soon to appear as I prepare to re-introduce the personal messages from the Renegades and Anica. I’ve had to take a break from doing these, but many of you have asked if they are available and the reasons I had to take that break are dissolving. In that I have a service to offer, I will make it again available, for those who wish for personal communication and guidance. Some feedback appears on the main page of Speaking of Nine, if you’d like to see the responses of some who have had readings.

Framed prints of last year’s calendar are for sale at the Pleiadian Soul online store, and I’m working on a 2010 calendar, along with some other new goodies. The collected messages from the Renegades in 2008 are available in the book “Remembrance”, and I’m hoping to have my main book, “Opalescence: A Renegade Pleiadian Guide to Divinity”, finished in the coming weeks. More is on tap after that; rest assured the Pleiadians have much more to share with us, in many forms. Meanwhile, to fuel the online presence and the offline energy behind them, please consider a donation, which I gratefully receive as support and love. I’ve created an easy way to show your support on an ongoing basis with recurring monthly donations in amounts large and small. Every gift counts towards the transformation of global consciousness and energizes this work. Many thanks to you all for your kindness, whether it’s in the form of donations or heart-felt thought-forms of encouraging intent.

As we head toward the end of a year that has seen so much change already, we can all expect to see even more change in the coming months — a moment at a time. Here’s wishing you a clear moment-by-moment view of Nine’s path to the heart of what is before you. It is in the essential part of a thing that the nectar is found. May you find yourself swimming in it.

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Into the Still Point of Nine

Like you, I have been watching the world shudder as the set onstage starts to lose its integrity. Low frequencies are rumbling across the stage as the chorus starts their entrance. I am not talking about extraterrestrials coming to save us; I’m talking about all the people who are waking up, bright-eyed and bushy-tailed, ready to move into a brighter future. Now, I’m not averse to friendly aliens setting foot in the public square, of course. I just want to see those of us on the planet get it together before they do appear for all to see, hear, and interact with. It’s no fun if zombies and sleepwalkers crash the party. So I see what’s coming as the transition from nightmare to wakefulness, something that makes you catch your breath for a minute and calm your heartbeat down. Only then can you really see the morning light.

So I’m watching and I’m seeing a lot of nonsense and bickering and useless criticism being bandied about, and that’s okay with me because they are not such dangerous things. Sticks and stones are another matter. Every time I hear some dim idea about vaccinations and police states and world domination, I visualize these things like a paper-and-cardboard model someone’s put together, and I blow on the toothpicks holding them up. With a holographic intent, such a simple act could be quite useful, when you face some spectre of unpleasantness as a possible development in your path. Unpleasantness is really starting to ooze out of the human psyche on a global level, so there’s a lot of it about. That doesn’t mean it has to stay, it’s just on its way out. It’s always a good idea to use your breath in a cleansing way, to breathe in cosmic light and breathe out the nonsense (I recommend listening to Alaje’s pranayama meditations in his recent videos). Once you get the idea of disassembling some mechanism of fear in your personal experience, you can switch it to another level (kick it up a notch) and holographically use the personal practice to disassemble mechanisms of fear and clear out nonsense on other levels of being… within the family, the tribe, the school, city, the whole world.

Here is a practical application of the science of Nine, right here. When you are focusing your attention to your experience as an embodied soul, you are focusing on the consciousness of One, the reality of you as being. Clear out any misalignment of truth until you feel the single harmonious reverberation of OM, the still point. The still point is Nine, and it exists in all things. This is the point you breathe into and from which you access all of the universe. Start your personal etheric housecleaning here. Then move into the consciousness of Two, the reality of you in relation to Other. There is a tiny still point in the center of the experience of Two. Focus on clearing out any misalignment of energy between you and that which you are in relation to, breathe into that still point, that Nine portal which is in everything. Then keep going, into the consciousness of Three, Four, and so on. The foundation of these types of consciousness can be found here. This is the core of understanding the consciousness of Nine, and understanding Nine — even approaching it — leads to understanding the nature of divinity, by way of perfecting one’s beingness.

That’s how I understand it, anyway.