Yes, It’s Happening Now

doorway open from Pleiades

Being in the earthly vibe these days is hard for everyone and impossible to sustain for many. I have heard of lost hope and no future before, but this is serious business to consider right now. In the recent weeks, the social structure has imploded all over the place, the ones with power are enclosing those without, and hard times are getting harder in every sector of society. It doesn’t matter if you work hard or are out of options, it’s getting near impossible to get ahead and feed the hunger that wells up all around. Meanwhile, those with the goods are getting greedy, and it may well prove to be their undoing at a critical point ahead. For now, the suffering for so many is more than I can bear thinking about, mostly for the innocents, the children, and the beaten dreamers of yesterday.

Yet, there is light coming through the darkness, legitimate forays into hope in the form of shifts of power and rationality taking the reins of leadership. You are in for some surprises, I think, and I’m eager to see what could unfold in the coming months. It feels like it’s time for the card house to fall and a new world to be built up, but it has to be timed just right so no one gets misplaced. It’s already started. Once it gets up to full speed, we’ll see the kind of change that has been promised and hoped for for eons of time.

One of the big flashing signs that’s lighting up the way to change just happened over the weekend, in the new moon solar eclipse. The energies it opened up were ready to pour through and we were ready this time to receive them. They will keep coming in and no amount of intentional manipulation of weather, atmosphere, news or anything else can keep them from anointing everyone on this globe. You can refuse them but they will nonetheless soak you. It is time to talk about the future in tones of hope, letting fear have its brief flash in the pan and be gone, and for life to re-establish itself among us and within us. The door is open and it’s staying that way. Home is on the threshold. Sanity has arrived.

There is no point in letting the daily news have more than the moment of grief that the inability of mind to comprehend the bigger picture allows. I feel grief and it is real, for every story that grabs my heart and wrenches it from fiery worlds of Hell into the reality of this world’s insane overlay of heartlessness and waste. Yet this grief doesn’t consume like I expect it to. It burns out some sense of separation from those who are suffering and brings me closer to knowing that it must change, it has to change, there is no option but for everything to change. In that moment of pain from someone else’s entry into loss, I grieve, then grab the energy of that and throw myself into the totality of the consciousness that is love and comfort and peace, taking with me the pain that has touched me. It’s all I can do, but perhaps there is nothing else that we can do but to act in this way, to bring pain into the open heart of the creative mind of divine source itself.

You have my sincere wishes for peace to find you and for grief to evolve into pieces of light, the pure thoughtform energy of light that is the basis of life. May bright mornings come soon to dissolve the dark of doubt and freedom lead us each to the field of a new dawn. I sure am ready, and I know you are too. Grand awakening for the whole planet is almost arrived. In love, I wish you well.


Into a New Reality

don smiling, Dania Beach

Hello again. I have been checking in as often as I can to stay connected to the pulsations of light from the collective, but circumstances have kept me, for the most part, silent. The man who had been the prime catalyst for my transformation during these past few years is suddenly absent from my side. My path these past months has been through the unpredictable darkness of the valley of the shadow of death, and every ounce of my energies has been directed at navigating towards hope, towards life. Grief sneaks behind me and from time to time overwhelms me. I am so grateful for this community. I welcome you all again, new members and old, and introduce myself to a new reality.

Six years ago I received an unexpected interdimensional communication that in six weeks from my birthday I would be meeting someone very special, and on March 10, 2003 I met Don — appropriately enough, at a weekend channeling workshop in Sedona with Barbara Marciniak. Kismet. With our first words to each other at a quick lunch break, lifetimes of memories obliterated everything around us as we recognized and reconnected through what appeared to me as an ephemeral but very real tunnel of light. Literally. Everything else disappeared, just for that brief sharing of memory. (His first words to me: “You were a witch, and you were burned at the stake,” to which I responded, “Yes, and you didn’t help me, did you?” Thus an old romance began again.) It was a strange moment outside of time, yet so familiar I knew it was a divine setup. Three months later, we were sharing a loft in Florida, and the following May we welcomed — surprise! — a son into the world. Three years later, we followed Don’s dream and moved to the smoky blue mountains of Appalachia, and three years after that, cancer finally gained the upper hand. As I explained to our son, Daddy’s body broke and wasn’t strong enough to hold his spirit any more. He left this world, and left me completely transformed. Last week, crying, I screamed my pain up to the sky, “You left me alone on this planet again!” But not quite alone. I have a sidekick this time, an old teacher come to me in the form of a little boy, my son.

Everything is suddenly different, and understandings are falling into my consciousness likes bricks on my head. The pain of separation can literally rip the fabric of your being apart, I have discovered, so I allow the pain to diminish and call on peace and tenderness in my healing. I have not known pain like this before, not when my father died, not even with the miscarriage. It is an excruciating process, yet the reality of love is everywhere alive, fear long since forgotten. These months have pushed me to the limits of endurance on every level, squeezed out every ounce of what was within me that is no longer needed for my journey. The mysteries love shares through death are surprising, powerful, pure, and memory comes alive with teachings. Don always said, whatever you have to say, ask is it true, is it kind, is it necessary? If it isn’t all three, don’t say it. I share this with you, from him. It is one of the many beautiful things he shared with people he met on this earthwalk. May the words serve you well.

Now is a time for release and healing, and I surrender to it. This is a process that cannot be rushed. I welcome the consciousness of love to fill the big emptiness. After the fine-tuning is done, communication will begin anew. In the meantime, I wish you all peace.