Come to Think of It

When I first started posting messages from the group of people who call themselves the Pleiadian Renegades, I never thought putting a few notes online would lead to the creation of the network of websites and people that it has. Three years and a half later, I am awe-struck at what the Pleiadians have given to us all. Every word is alive and I am part of the process every time I write. Being the conduit for their messages is hardly a passive experience! I am more and more a part of a timeless tribe, realizing my own part in a continuum of energy that unfolds in each communication and consciousness sharing. I can feel a place at their side, and I am sure you can too, where the truth of their words is tangible, open, and welcoming.

How many of us for whom the Renegades’ words bear deep resonance of the OM of home have known that, eventually, we would reorganize from the scattered divisions of life’s streams in the days leading up to our reunion with a greater soul family? I have heard from many of you that this has been so. Greater harmony exists under the current undercurrent of anarchy and chaos that sweeps across the globe, and despite outer appearances, people are more empowered—within—than ever before. I saw recently a post, somewhere, that said when there’s nothing left to lose, there’s nothing left to fear. We are all facing the loss of a way of life we’ve grown accustomed to, there’s no denying. The world has changed too much for that not to be true. However, just because the world around us is falling apart in one way or another doesn’t mean that a new world isn’t waiting to be born, and if we are watching ourselves fall apart in one way or another, it’s just as true that there may well be another humanity on the brink of being.

This is how I’m choosing to look at things, anyway.

Back to the Pleiadians. For a long time we’ve heard the mantra “soon… soon…” regarding their eventual appearance on the shores of our reality. Discussions about disclosure, viral videos of lights in the skies, admissions of belief in the existence of extra-planetary sentient life from ordinary folk all the way up to the Pope… these are just some of the signs bolstering the belief in contact soon to come. Not to mention crop circles, channelings, bestselling novels and blockbuster (or bust) movies and “programs”, some benign and some not so much. Yet, balancing that, there is evidence of secret goings-on in the shadowy halls of underground bunkers and high-rise boardrooms, strange sights in the skies that just might be secret projects and stories of high weirdness possibly related to those things we ordinary folk aren’t supposed to know about. It’s enough to shake one’s confidence, and yet… there is still this gnawing knowing that won’t go away, this coherence of particulate light that sometimes grips my spine when I get a glimpse of some truth of a greater existence that had been forgotten in the scramble to stay on my feet in the maelstrom of modern life on Earth. Do you get that? Echoes are everywhere and they too are gathering coherence, pulsating from the caverns of timeless memory outside of our present drama and tickling into life an inkling that things as they are won’t be that way for much longer. The rhythm of the planet is picking up, the cadence of truth is gaining some torque, and despite the best-laid plans of mice and men, there’s really no telling what’s going to happen next.

Well, not exactly. We can say with confidence that we have a rough idea, and discreetly hide the fact behind our backs that we really believe that a greater plan is about to hatch in a big way to change everything to our collective benefit, and beyond. That’s what’s been going on in our faces all along, isn’t it? After all, it’s what we’ve heard from the Voice of Authority for a long, long time. “I am confident…”, “Everything is fine…”, “There is nothing to fear…”. Are you confident that everything is fine, despite flood, fire, and famine tearing down the structures of recognizable reality? Are you without fear, knowing there’s a bigger picture than the one flashing violently on the computer screen or tv? Most “aware” people have been practicing the vocabulary of empowerment, thereby exercising faith in the love and intelligence and benevolence of something greater than the individual in isolation from the Self or Soul or Godhead, or some such arrangement of words. Perhaps, just perhaps, this has been the whisper of Nemesis teaching us a new mantra. One man’s lie is another man’s truth, and vice-versa, and the truth is open for any of us to claim.

As I’ve written the Renegades’ messages over the years, their words and the energies behind them have tested my limits in so many ways, pulling me to the edge and oftentimes past what I believed I could bear with my faith, my physical being, my ability to love, and my mettle to survive. I don’t feel like I have much of a comfort zone anymore, or a place that feels like home on this world; even that has been drawn so far the picture is over the edge of the page. And that suits me fine in such an anything’s-possible world like the one we are watching crumble and come into being right now.

Something’s on tap that’s been brewing for a long, long time. An interdimensional toast is at hand, my friends, doesn’t it feel that way? Not some manufactured, overblown, tasteless facsimile of the real thing. I mean a refreshingly new reality we’ve had such tantalizing tiny tastes of. Leave the bitter dregs behind. As our hearts are emptied of the stale drafts of a broken world of lies and illusion, may they be filled with the pure streams of loving goodness our souls remember. And if by chance or by design our brothers and sisters from the friendly skies beyond Earth’s now-troubled atmosphere happen to show up, so much the better. When it comes to raising our hands together with full hearts and good cheer, side by side, the more, the merrier.

For now, we have a bit of global ferment to navigate through before we finally touch that sweet wine of remembrance. I’m more than confident that we’ll get there. As sure as the words that have streamed from their cosmic origin have left a trace of nectar in your soul, you’ve tasted that moment, too. Remember the sweetness of home, my friends. It’s not so far away.


Lessons in Seeing

I decided it was time to ask the Renegades a few questions that had been hanging in the back of my mind, just to gain clarity and get them out of the way. This is the question-and-answer we had.

I have some questions for you, so that I may better align myself with the best possible reality for all, and the most enjoyable one.

You may of course as as you will, dear one. We will answer you truthfully.

How may I envision your arrival, so that I can have something to focus on? What will your arrival look like, and what will it not look like?

You might say our arrival will look something like that you have seen on a few of your movies, such as “The Abyss” or “Close Encounters”. It will look nothing like “Independence Day”. We do not pilot vessels that are small and triangular in shape, nor do we fly in hubcaps or in low-frequency-producing discs. Our vessels are opalescent, luminescent in a way, stirring feelings of joy and awe, enormous in scale and beautiful to behold. We have smaller vessels which we send out as probes and transports, which you may see in some pictures and videos as spherical with rings, as round pulsations of light, as diamond-shaped lights, and such. If you focus your heart on the frequency of OM tuned to the resonance of the earth’s enlivening dance, you can better detect our presence. However, that is not to say we are not also invisible to you and present as big, big vessels. We certainly are. You will see that soon enough. For now, you wish to know what to visualize, and we say the most effective picture to hold in your mind is of opalescent light pulsations growing larger and larger in your field of vision. Beyond that, envision yourself smiling uncontrollably at the thought of looking into the face of your future selves, of meeting your family, of finding the key to your awesome transformation in the shape of a ball of light coming both from within and from the skies, meeting in your immediate reality.

It is not our custom to enter into the reality of another planet uninvited, and you have definitely sent your invitation. The nabobs of conformity with the old regime have lost the power of speech and their racket quiets to a dull background hum, have you noticed? When you do hear it, remember who you are and hush the fear, soothe the troubled waters and quiet the consciousness in turmoil at the prospect of losing the reality that had for so long been their work. Soon it will change, and the noise will shift frequencies to harmonize with the planet and the sun, the galactic center’s tuning fork having rung out and its vibrations having irreversibly altered the crystalline structure of your basic physical reality. As a people, your DNA has begun to resonate with the earth’s new tone, surprising the engineers and alchemists who have worked so hard to alter your outer and inner environment through electronic and biologic means. The threat of further tampering still looms, but you cannot and will not be derailed from your transformation. You too have worked for eons to earn your place here at the moment the whole galaxy has gathered to witness, your rebirth into your wholeness magnified. You have earned your spot. Claim it. It is your time, now, and your world is ready for new stewards and new life. And many of you are ready to go home.

What is home? I have never really felt at home, and I’ve worked very hard my whole life to understand and heal. Yet I have never really felt “at home”. Why is this, and how may I envision it?

You have not been on your home base for a very long time. Instead, you have accepted the opportunity offered to you by your soul in response to your soul’s request to experience certain things you might otherwise be at a loss for understanding. That has required you to abandon your conscious connection with what you know as home, so that you might more fully engage with reality as it has been unfolding on this planet for tens of thousands of years. To have recall would soon weaken your resolve. Now, at the end of your intra-planetary undercover renegade work, you are finally ready to settle back into your native reality, and that is not as a native terrestrial human. This is true for many who have such feelings of disconnection as you have had. You are one of many, many people who agreed to stick it out on this planet during a time of intense exploration of the nightmare world of fear and separation from source. Now the time has come for that period of exploration to end, and for a new reality to settle in its place. You have not chosen to remain for another round, and that is to your merit. Home has been pulling at you from invisible corners of perception, just beyond your ken. Allow us to reveal it to you as a place of great beauty and peace, of harmony as a basic, fundamental mode of being within and without. It is a shift in perception that brings it into focus, and you have noticed it coming into view more readily in your dreams, have you not?

Yes, I have, not so much scenery though, mainly in the form of people.

Home is nothing without someone to share it with, isn’t that true?


The melding of realities is nothing to endure for one who has seen the destruction of civilizations. You have prepared yourself well, and in the relationships you have experienced you have honed your sense of feeling at home within the house of your physical beingness. Your true home is formless, dear one, and your true self is without form as well. You’re ready for a new experience of being human, of being divinely aware of your reality, and of feeling the truth of your beingness. That is home. You truly do carry it within. As reality peels away the layers of illusion, you will find yourself more and more at home, even if that is in a reality far from the address of earth parked in the system of Sol.

The drama you describe seems far removed from the acceleration of possibility now. It seems unreal. The human condition of war and oppression and all that, it’s really ridiculous, isn’t it? Yet it has been our experience, so it has governed our vocabulary and expression to a large extent. I feel there is nothing in our experience to adequately relate to regarding what’s next for the people of this planet. I’m tired of the dialogue of vaccines and EMFs and covert operations and politics. If we as a people understand that we are immune to the machinations of death, that we can alter the harmonics of our experience, that our truth is made known and that love is the only reality, will all of that disappear? If so, what will remain, and how do we envision that?

It is true that you are yet captive within the structures of reality that have operated within the matrix of the I AM of victimhood and powerlessness–and equally within the matrix of the I AM of bloodline sovereignty and hidden hands moving game pieces–but those structures cannot maintain integrity in the matrix that is forming from the I AM of love in recognition of itself in all. As you integrate the truths that you are every day recognizing, the truths that emanate from within, you move your local node of light into position for the new matrix to receive the energy of matter and re-form it in accord with your fundamental understanding of what is true and viable in terms of choosing your experience. Which is all to say that matter assembles around understanding, and reality conforms to your fundamental I AM. What you understand to be true about yourself and your experience will naturally become the basis around which your projected reality will assemble itself. You can picture a great grid of light that bends through the ideas of what you consider to be real, much like you have seen in art and multidimensional diagrams. See the world around you as a matrix which flows in and around the shapes and landscapes around you. Then you will have no trouble bending the matrix of matter to conform to your new vision, and what was will simply dissolve.

The stress of this life has been taking its toll on my physicality, even though my emotional and mental bodies have become clearer. I’m much more together mentally and emotionally now than I was when my physical body was healthier and stronger. Even my eyesight weakens. Do I have what it takes to transform? Do I have to be more physically fit than I am now?

Don’t worry, dear one, you will not be harmed in the process, you will not be seen as unworthy nor will you lose your place among those who have elected to return simply because you have lived a full life and neglected your body’s optimization. In fact, you are quite ready to shed your physicality in the shift of density and take on a new bodily structure of light frequencies more integrated with the universal consciousness of “I AM a pure emanation of love”, shaped by your own understanding of love. You will be re-created consciously and your physical structure will change in resonance with your higher, more fully aware consciousness. You have given much of yourself in the process of carrying the conscious energy of Nine’s messages. Rest will be yours soon, and rejuvenation. Let your beingness relax and the toll on your dense physicality will be less intense.

I feel less and less connected with the things and appearances around me. I want to leave this planet and go home. What does home look like?

Your home is not unlike Earth as you have lived on and loved it. You are wondering about the physical experience of being there? We can tell you that t is not so much like Earth, in that you are not enslaved, you are not limited, and you are not out of resonance with your surroundings. You see, the reality you find yourself in is a projection of your inner reality, based not only on your individual understanding of I AM but also on the collective consciousness with which you most harmonically resonate on the level of your soul, higher self, cosmic consciousness, however you choose to call it. You have long been on the Earth, and your belief structures have in large part been affected by those of the conscious masses. Throughout your journey through time, you have encountered various belief systems, which you can not bring with you into your envisioned future of peace and joy. You have rejected those, and in their place have allowed your soul’s blueprint to assert itself in resonant patterns of understanding. From this ancient pattern of I AM a vision of home appears, and it looks something like this. You are healthy and strong and beautiful and happy. You are in a culture of love and respect, freedom and honesty, deep understanding, joy, and peace. You are in a world of great harmony in all things and people, where your particular frequency signature blends and shines among others of light bearing. Your life with your family is peaceful and respectful, and you have many friends with whom you share much joy and from whom you derive a sense of belonging to a tribe. You do what brings you satisfaction and fuels your passion for life. Your needs are few and those are met without difficulty, even, you might say, with enjoyment. Your home is comfortable and clean and easy to live in, and houses a frequency of peace and tranquility. Your surroundings are beautiful and colorful and also easy to live with; the world is vibrant and alive with love. Your greater environment is life-sustaining, nurturing, welcoming, and breathtakingly beautiful. You communicate with ease with those of your world and with others of other worlds, and your work, if you can call it that, is in service to the sustaining of OM’s vibration in and among all. Your feet walk on soft grass, your eyes look into deep, clear sky, your skin is warmed by a sun of beautiful blue light. Your delight is never-ending, and your zest for life is fueled by limitless possibility and total support of the whole of creation.

How does that sound?

Ahh, I am drinking your words in like one who has wandered in a desert… It sounds lovely. I’m okay to go!

Know that you will be home soon, dear one, as will many who have an appointment with their soul’s next step in service to OM. The planet is in the process of rebirthing itself, and many will be staying to act as midwife to the new world that will soon be upon the matrix of reality. Many, however, have fulfilled their service and are finishing their work in preparation for the next big thing, which is for them a return to the worlds of their origin. Not all will go who have the pull of other stars coursing through their blood, as they have other duties to fulfill for the planet and the people in transformation. It is nearly time for them to come in to their power as star-people in service to a new Earth. Only a relative few are at the transition-to-home-world point in their journey, and have other tasks to consult with their souls about. Everything is perfect and in accord with the mind of OM for the greatest joy. It is impossible for you to fail, love, you have come this far. It is nearly time for everything to change. You are ready.

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