Trading Hope for Something Better


Right now, most of us are feeling tense about things we can’t control. We can dislike the sound of war drums, we can be disgusted with tawdry exhibitionism on tv, we can watch helplessly as headlines continue to surface about radioactivity poisoning our planet’s largest ocean.I feel the tension outside, but I’m not feeling tense… why? I know I can’t change these things myself. I can’t stop war planes, but I can stop fighting with myself. I can recognize other people’s struggle and let go of my anger about it. I can integrate the brokenness of my life experience and breathe peacefully from my Now into memories of pain and separation from source. I can neutralize the poison of negativity, of not-light, which emanates from within me when I feel out of balance, forgetful of my grounding, lost in the demolition of an ancient, buried, forgotten trauma.

The world is the way it is. Trauma abounds. It is our environment, and it is our projection of experience. I have seen what happens when I turn my attention toward what’s happening in my being, tracing the route of tension in my muscles, in my gut, feeling where my breathing is caught, where my thoughts go away somewhere irretrievably… and I bring my awareness back to center. I trust this movement back to center, because I have discovered over time that in the center there is no fear. It is the eye of the storm, and diving into that place will dissipate the energy of the strongest maelstrom fear can conjure up.

So I ask myself, where am I feeling the tension? Breathe into that place. Anger feels like electricity… observe the interaction of waveforms between the anger, the static charge of irritation or annoyance, and the quiet pulsations of peace from the space deep within where the memory of home lives. See yourself as a charged particle of humanity, and allow yourself to see electrons flying away, if that helps. Feel the charge of turbulent emotions settle into neutrality. These are just a few tricks. There are so many more that we can remember and discover to our benefit.

What good does that do? The world is still a tense place, right? Give yourself a minute. Listen. Reality is holographic. As above so below. The structure of an atom and the structure of a solar system, of the universe and brain neurons are identical… maybe you’ve seen the pictures posted on FB! Since what we do within our little world ripples out into the greater reality, wherever you achieve peace–even a shred of it, even for a moment–you have enabled peace in the global human organism of which each of us is a part.

Reality is holographic. Do something to change your life (not someone else’s, just your own… everything else will follow, trust me!) and you will do something to change the world. Build it from there and know that you are a powerful being. You own that power. No one can take it away from you. Turn off the tv and close your eyes, look within and discover a whole new world, truly one of your own creation. You own that.

Trade hopelessness for trust, hope for fearlessness, fear for peace, dreams for reality. Unleash yourself, set yourself free, and watch what happens.


The Big Shift

Bright days are drawing near. The cold dark is lifting, shadows are getting shorter by the day, and if you listen carefully you might hear a new song in the air as the Earth begins to stir from its long winter of slumber. The time has begun to turn. Where for long seasons the planet had lain hard and unyielding, or inundated by floods under which there was little room to breathe, now we find fertile ground for new seeds to take root. Recent events unfolding around the world are proving the resilience of life, even in the face of measured attempts to blot out the light of the new day dawning. There’s more than price increases and food shortages at the core of what has become a growing movement to change the systems of control. There’s something intrinsic to the nature of human consciousness that’s fueling revolution now, and it’s bringing with it the sweet sense of bold new life. Baby, it may still be winter (at least for half of the world) but in the hearts of millions – billions – it’s spring!

New life carries codes of regeneration for all, making available the promise of freedom from stale regimes of thought and repressive systems of belief. There is nothing so sacred that it can’t be held up to the scrutiny of a mind free from the reign of fear. How are your beliefs holding up these days? Are they becoming distilled, purified in the warming climate of interdependent humanity? Is love finally starting to make sense as more than a feeling, but a force to be reckoned with? So many questions arising these days, with answers hot on their trail. When it comes to the human heart, it’s all right there for the finding. We don’t have to look any farther than the heart-space to see who, and what, we humans are capable of becoming. There we are, in all our glory, reflecting each other’s brilliance in a perfect lens of great power.

The heart has been struggling to free itself from those thoughts we’ve become used to entertaining about our rights and abilities to express the truth carried within its sacred space. For many, it is more convenient to regard the heart as a volatile arsenal of messy, unpredictable energetic outbursts and keep it under strict control. The mind is not best used to govern the heart, however, and this strategy can lead to tragic, unfulfilling consequences. The mind is better used to choose an angle of reflection and position itself to simplify the heart’s impulses to reveal through the field of understanding the greatest wisdom and intelligence that the heart has to share. The knowledge we’ve gained about the ways of the world will serve for what it’s worth, but knowledge isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. We aren’t the experts we think we are, and “I don’t know” can lead to some pretty interesting facts we hadn’t even dreamed possible in the security of knowing. We don’t know, for example, what exactly will happen tomorrow, even if we have some ideas about it. If we pay attention, by the end of the day we can see that we probably learned a thing or two. We can use what we learn to be clear in saying “I know” when we’ve let go of what prevents the learning. It is the heart that teaches, when the mind relinquishes its hold on believing it knows. There is the path to true knowingness.

For many months, we have been in an acceleration of becoming, and you may have noticed that the knowing of your inner guidance system has primary placement in front of the knowing of what has been ingrained through blind repetition. We all are in the midst of becoming more intuitive. We are waking up, more and more. It has become apparent lately that there will be more change, more unrest, and more truth known as the days progress during this time of universal stirring of the human psyche. There is nothing to fear. There is everything to gain. Look to each other and together we will all find our heart’s answers.