Giving In to Self Healing

tea with nemesis

Given the amount of news that’s been happening lately, from letdowns of the big-time business kind to shutdowns of the government kind and meltdowns of the nuclear kind, not to mention showdowns of the cometary kind, it’s no wonder that the little wonders of life get lost in the shuffle. It’s hard to pay attention to anything in particular when so much in general is making headlines. Even the lessons of spiritual leaders is making it into the back pages of the news, but little is said of what is happening on the impending next thing, simply because we don’t know exactly what it is. We can feel it coming, though, and it feels like more than just a change in the weather.

Last time I checked, there were still a few things that we had to take care of before the major events of global awakening could come to a fully satisfying culmination of extraterrestrial appearances or world peace, take your pick, either or both. One thing that hasn’t yet happened is the detonation of light from the midst of warfare, something that would end the need for war, something that would render it incapable of continuing, something… something really obvious that would give everyone pause to drop the pretense of violence and go home. It could come in the form of something fearful or something beautiful, or something not even imaginable by our minds today, addled as they are with aforesaid distractions and shell games. It is inevitable that the world will change. It is not inevitable that it will change in ways that we can predict. We can feel our way through the changes and trust that we’re on the path toward universal enharmonics (this is my own personal preference at the moment) or we can choose any number of other modes of dealing with the day’s serving of stuff to deal with. Incrementally and by big steps, change is happening NOW. It’s not something we have to wait for. We’re in it, and we are changing as we move through it, whether we’re aware of it or not.

My own path has been bumpy lately, and the treasures have been tangling my feet up as I tread on the path before me. The way of healing is often a messy one, though it can have its bliss and joy. The messy parts remind us how unified we all are, how much of a bipolarity of systematic deconstruction of the social matrix we are navigating through. By that I mean, there are moments when we look in the mirror of reality that presents itself around us and realize that our feelings of pain and broken-heartedness are not anyone else’s responsibility but our own, that we are doing exactly what we came here to do and to learn, and that we are all in agreement to take part in another’s drama, just as they have agreed to take part in our own. In these moments of clarity, we stand between two mirror-worlds which, if we’re clever and paying attention, we can see reflected in the problems caused to us by another person or situation the lost key to the box that holds our pain within, in our own matching characteristics of pain-bringing to ourselves. In other words, there’s no one but ourselves to look at when we see the pain that comes barreling out in moments of intense release of our pain-based concepts of who we are. We came here to learn how to fight, or how to say thank you, or to stand up and walk on our own accord. Whatever the deeper lessons, they’re really pretty simple when you look at them through the eyes of the one in the mirror looking back at you. Forgiving another person is easier when you see that you are forgiving yourself for taking on a difficult task in living within this matrix and learning the lesson of your soul’s secret need in the forgetfulness of being.

It’s time that the dramas take a turn for the less dramatic, but not before the intensity leads to catharsis for us individually and collectively. Remember when the moment comes to let it all out, to see the reflection of soul, and to ultimately love what you see reflected. In the flash of light that follows release, there is no longer a reason for pain to continue waging war within. I think we’ll all be more ready for what comes next, once the heart is clear of the tension of lost keys and missing treasure. In that space of open-hearted healing, anything can bloom.

Wishing you all peaceful revelations and loving transformations.


Trading Hope for Something Better


Right now, most of us are feeling tense about things we can’t control. We can dislike the sound of war drums, we can be disgusted with tawdry exhibitionism on tv, we can watch helplessly as headlines continue to surface about radioactivity poisoning our planet’s largest ocean.I feel the tension outside, but I’m not feeling tense… why? I know I can’t change these things myself. I can’t stop war planes, but I can stop fighting with myself. I can recognize other people’s struggle and let go of my anger about it. I can integrate the brokenness of my life experience and breathe peacefully from my Now into memories of pain and separation from source. I can neutralize the poison of negativity, of not-light, which emanates from within me when I feel out of balance, forgetful of my grounding, lost in the demolition of an ancient, buried, forgotten trauma.

The world is the way it is. Trauma abounds. It is our environment, and it is our projection of experience. I have seen what happens when I turn my attention toward what’s happening in my being, tracing the route of tension in my muscles, in my gut, feeling where my breathing is caught, where my thoughts go away somewhere irretrievably… and I bring my awareness back to center. I trust this movement back to center, because I have discovered over time that in the center there is no fear. It is the eye of the storm, and diving into that place will dissipate the energy of the strongest maelstrom fear can conjure up.

So I ask myself, where am I feeling the tension? Breathe into that place. Anger feels like electricity… observe the interaction of waveforms between the anger, the static charge of irritation or annoyance, and the quiet pulsations of peace from the space deep within where the memory of home lives. See yourself as a charged particle of humanity, and allow yourself to see electrons flying away, if that helps. Feel the charge of turbulent emotions settle into neutrality. These are just a few tricks. There are so many more that we can remember and discover to our benefit.

What good does that do? The world is still a tense place, right? Give yourself a minute. Listen. Reality is holographic. As above so below. The structure of an atom and the structure of a solar system, of the universe and brain neurons are identical… maybe you’ve seen the pictures posted on FB! Since what we do within our little world ripples out into the greater reality, wherever you achieve peace–even a shred of it, even for a moment–you have enabled peace in the global human organism of which each of us is a part.

Reality is holographic. Do something to change your life (not someone else’s, just your own… everything else will follow, trust me!) and you will do something to change the world. Build it from there and know that you are a powerful being. You own that power. No one can take it away from you. Turn off the tv and close your eyes, look within and discover a whole new world, truly one of your own creation. You own that.

Trade hopelessness for trust, hope for fearlessness, fear for peace, dreams for reality. Unleash yourself, set yourself free, and watch what happens.

Into the Still Point of Nine

Like you, I have been watching the world shudder as the set onstage starts to lose its integrity. Low frequencies are rumbling across the stage as the chorus starts their entrance. I am not talking about extraterrestrials coming to save us; I’m talking about all the people who are waking up, bright-eyed and bushy-tailed, ready to move into a brighter future. Now, I’m not averse to friendly aliens setting foot in the public square, of course. I just want to see those of us on the planet get it together before they do appear for all to see, hear, and interact with. It’s no fun if zombies and sleepwalkers crash the party. So I see what’s coming as the transition from nightmare to wakefulness, something that makes you catch your breath for a minute and calm your heartbeat down. Only then can you really see the morning light.

So I’m watching and I’m seeing a lot of nonsense and bickering and useless criticism being bandied about, and that’s okay with me because they are not such dangerous things. Sticks and stones are another matter. Every time I hear some dim idea about vaccinations and police states and world domination, I visualize these things like a paper-and-cardboard model someone’s put together, and I blow on the toothpicks holding them up. With a holographic intent, such a simple act could be quite useful, when you face some spectre of unpleasantness as a possible development in your path. Unpleasantness is really starting to ooze out of the human psyche on a global level, so there’s a lot of it about. That doesn’t mean it has to stay, it’s just on its way out. It’s always a good idea to use your breath in a cleansing way, to breathe in cosmic light and breathe out the nonsense (I recommend listening to Alaje’s pranayama meditations in his recent videos). Once you get the idea of disassembling some mechanism of fear in your personal experience, you can switch it to another level (kick it up a notch) and holographically use the personal practice to disassemble mechanisms of fear and clear out nonsense on other levels of being… within the family, the tribe, the school, city, the whole world.

Here is a practical application of the science of Nine, right here. When you are focusing your attention to your experience as an embodied soul, you are focusing on the consciousness of One, the reality of you as being. Clear out any misalignment of truth until you feel the single harmonious reverberation of OM, the still point. The still point is Nine, and it exists in all things. This is the point you breathe into and from which you access all of the universe. Start your personal etheric housecleaning here. Then move into the consciousness of Two, the reality of you in relation to Other. There is a tiny still point in the center of the experience of Two. Focus on clearing out any misalignment of energy between you and that which you are in relation to, breathe into that still point, that Nine portal which is in everything. Then keep going, into the consciousness of Three, Four, and so on. The foundation of these types of consciousness can be found here. This is the core of understanding the consciousness of Nine, and understanding Nine — even approaching it — leads to understanding the nature of divinity, by way of perfecting one’s beingness.

That’s how I understand it, anyway.