FAQ: Frequency Adjustment Questions… why now?

frequency adjustment questions

For a long time, I’ve had questions for the Pleiadian Renegades and other sources I’ve had interdimensional communication with… questions beyond the business of getting the books and blogs written, and beyond the personal guidance I’ve received for myself and others. Questions like, who are you? Exactly? Really, what’s up, what’s the story with “Pleiadians”? Though it may sound sacreligious (or something akin to that), I have questions and I just can’t blindly accept “We’re from another planet in the Pleiades” as an answer. And “We’re from another dimension” doesn’t really answer anything, either, unless you’re a string theorist.

I had the same questions about God and church, and well that’s another story… but suffice it to say, it didn’t lead to soul-satisfying answers within the framework I was working in, long ago. It led me to explore out of bounds, and make some pretty awesome discoveries about the limitlessness of What Is.

So back to the questions… I’ve had it in mind for a long time now to create a FAQ page for the Opalescent Nine website (way back when it was the Speaking of Nine website, actually). The work has shifted now, in a lot of ways… including that the “day job” work-for-hire I was doing dried up. That leaves me with more time to get creative! So… the FAQ has begun. I have a few entries on the page and will be adding to it as I can, as the info comes through. Here are the topic questions given to me by the Pleiadian Renegades, as hypothetical questions people might ask regarding them, their work, their nature, and… we’ll see what else comes up!

  • Are you real?
  • What is the reason you have not shown yourselves directly?
  • What is the nature of your life?
  • How is it that you call yourselves “Pleiadian” yet the Pleiades star cluster is considered to be unable to support life-sustaining planets?
  • How is the League of Light defined?
  • What is the relationship of the LOL to other groups of ETs we have heard of?
  • Will there be a planetary evacuation because of catastrophic earth changes?
  • Is there a God?
  • How are you related to angels, Elohim, and Ascended Masters?
  • What is your purpose for communicating to people now?

It’s not limited just to the Pleiadian Renegades. The League of Light is opening up to share more information, too. Is this of interest to you? They aren’t exactly the Galactic Federation, nor are they exactly Ashtar Command. In typical renegade style, the LOL (haha) has been sharing a little here and there about its nature and mission, and now they are letting more light through. I suppose now we’re either ready to understand more in a grown-up sort of way, or we really need to have this info as the world teeters on the brink of massive change. Either way, I’m glad to have the info finally coming into an easy FAQ-style format, and to be sharing it with you now.

To make it even more tasty of a tidbit, I’ve started a forum thread at the Opalescent Nine site for discussion and exploration of the Q&A. Please join in, as you feel the inclination. You’re welcome to add your own suggestions for questions for the Renegades to address (about them or on behalf of the LOL)… just keep it germane to the general conversation, and remember I take personal questions for the Renegades to answer, too.

Check back now and then to see what’s new. I’m on a creative streak!


Take Pause

take pause as time unravels Now

Seeing what’s happening now, on the world stage, gives an idea of what transformation is. It’s happening at all levels and lately, that’s right in front of everyone’s eyes. If it gets to be too much, close your eyes, and connect to the timeless sea of what is inside you. Take a break, before the next wave of change sweeps over everything, to remember where you are, regardless of where you’re standing. Remember that there is nothing else but the hum of beingness and the certainty of existence in every breath. In this, find peace and the impetus to move forward as the day unfolds in front of you. In this, find peace, feel it radiant around you, pulsing itself into the space that you occupy, transforming everything… everything.

I’ve lived through storms and felt the blast of nature full-force tearing comfort apart. So have you. We all face them in some way. Augmented by human hands or not, the changes that are showing themselves upon this planet now are undeniably inescapable. We’ll weather it, though, as we do, knowing that we’re in it together, and that the changes that come — indeed, that are already here — are part of the process of a new reality birthing itself, the order of the ages manifesting through, around, and within us all.

As we take a breath and wait to see what’s next on the cosmic horizon, remember each other and know that there is nothing that can tear any of us away from the soulward journey we are on. I wish you peace and safety, warmth and comfort as day and night unravel a core Now, outside of time, inside the heart. Take a pause as time unravels Now.

Yes, It’s Happening Now

doorway open from Pleiades

Being in the earthly vibe these days is hard for everyone and impossible to sustain for many. I have heard of lost hope and no future before, but this is serious business to consider right now. In the recent weeks, the social structure has imploded all over the place, the ones with power are enclosing those without, and hard times are getting harder in every sector of society. It doesn’t matter if you work hard or are out of options, it’s getting near impossible to get ahead and feed the hunger that wells up all around. Meanwhile, those with the goods are getting greedy, and it may well prove to be their undoing at a critical point ahead. For now, the suffering for so many is more than I can bear thinking about, mostly for the innocents, the children, and the beaten dreamers of yesterday.

Yet, there is light coming through the darkness, legitimate forays into hope in the form of shifts of power and rationality taking the reins of leadership. You are in for some surprises, I think, and I’m eager to see what could unfold in the coming months. It feels like it’s time for the card house to fall and a new world to be built up, but it has to be timed just right so no one gets misplaced. It’s already started. Once it gets up to full speed, we’ll see the kind of change that has been promised and hoped for for eons of time.

One of the big flashing signs that’s lighting up the way to change just happened over the weekend, in the new moon solar eclipse. The energies it opened up were ready to pour through and we were ready this time to receive them. They will keep coming in and no amount of intentional manipulation of weather, atmosphere, news or anything else can keep them from anointing everyone on this globe. You can refuse them but they will nonetheless soak you. It is time to talk about the future in tones of hope, letting fear have its brief flash in the pan and be gone, and for life to re-establish itself among us and within us. The door is open and it’s staying that way. Home is on the threshold. Sanity has arrived.

There is no point in letting the daily news have more than the moment of grief that the inability of mind to comprehend the bigger picture allows. I feel grief and it is real, for every story that grabs my heart and wrenches it from fiery worlds of Hell into the reality of this world’s insane overlay of heartlessness and waste. Yet this grief doesn’t consume like I expect it to. It burns out some sense of separation from those who are suffering and brings me closer to knowing that it must change, it has to change, there is no option but for everything to change. In that moment of pain from someone else’s entry into loss, I grieve, then grab the energy of that and throw myself into the totality of the consciousness that is love and comfort and peace, taking with me the pain that has touched me. It’s all I can do, but perhaps there is nothing else that we can do but to act in this way, to bring pain into the open heart of the creative mind of divine source itself.

You have my sincere wishes for peace to find you and for grief to evolve into pieces of light, the pure thoughtform energy of light that is the basis of life. May bright mornings come soon to dissolve the dark of doubt and freedom lead us each to the field of a new dawn. I sure am ready, and I know you are too. Grand awakening for the whole planet is almost arrived. In love, I wish you well.

Odd What I See

Looking at the news, the recent headlines are in one sense interesting reading, and in another complete nonsense. The same goes for most of what is coming through alternate media streams, and to me, there is no insanity greater than what is happening right now. It looks like the world is losing its collective mind. I had a vision last night that captured what I’ve been feeling about what I’ve been seeing.

There is a ship and we’re all on it. There is a storm to port, black heavy clouds, loud rumbling winds, a dirty roiling vortex swallowing everything into its bowels. The ship lists to one side as passengers rush to the rail to see the impending catastrophe. It lists further, and the gaping abyss looms closer. Will we perish? Probably. The way people are crowding to see what happens next, it looks like a definite possibility. Where is the crew? They are taking care of their own. Yachts disguised as lifeboats surge away from the scene, the albatross is circling more tightly around our collective neck, and the captain is nowhere to be seen.

I wonder, does everyone want to know what it feels like to be chewed up in the jaws of demons? What the hell is going on? Maybe it’s just a dream, but this isn’t one I think I want to follow. When dreams come dressed as waking reality, it’s time to let the illusion fall away and call it what it is. I don’t know what most of you think about this unfolding scenario being described daily by dreamers and seers, but from where I’m standing, it looks like a lot of manipulation, misunderstanding, and lies. It doesn’t make sense that there are judges ready to whip the banking industry into submission. It looks like people are scuttling off to Paraguay, or wherever they have a sanctuary set up. If that’s the case, that means trouble for the ones left on the ship. Rats don’t jump until the last minute.

I have a suggestion. Step away from the railing and let the ship right itself. We can’t steer it if it gets sucked into oblivion.

I’m standing starboard and from my vantage point, the sea is smooth and there’s land directly ahead. Until you release your grip on the story portside, you won’t know what I’m describing. Cut the anchors caught on the gates of Hell. There’s another path to finding our divinity, another way out of the mess. See the sun? It’s still there, beckoning hearts to shine. Demons dressed in robes of light are eventually going to lose their need for disguise. It will be too late to turn, then.

Turn away from the hype. Hear the sound of your own reality rustling in the waves starboard side. In an instant, things are going to shift. If you anchor your heart within your own understanding, you will find your way without the need for belief in imminent infusions of extraordinary wealth. It is enough to find your own gold in the power of your soul. Do you know what’s happening when you let go of your ability to hear? Will the earth split and swallow you up? Is there a new world to be? You want to believe, as I do, that everything will be all right. I ask again, is it worth letting go of the “truth” that has been handed to you, to receive the bounty of innate power you already own? Do you trust your own beacon to lead you home? Is it possible that the map has been sabotaged and that pirates have cleverly drawn it out of proportion, and that X marks the spot is in invisible ink, seen only by the eyes of higher understanding, of the heart unbound by belief in the latest message the wind brings in?

It’s only a little shift, to step away from the side of the ship that dips perilously close to water’s edge. There is some security in drowning for one who lives a life fouled by fear. That is not the way for humanity, my friends. It is a choice, not a sanctioned fate. Truth does not annihilate anything but ignorance, and ignorance is nothing but the unwilling eyes avoiding unmasking the illusion. It too is a choice. I’m only saying, there is a beautiful harbor and a sparkling horizon if you raise your eyes away from the drama swirling around the world’s feet. Dare to seize the illusion and shake it free from the wakeless dreaming eyes of those who seek safe harbor.

Maybe we have to explore the abyss. Maybe seeing into the face of Nemesis, looking straight at the collective fear, will pop us out into a new and better landscape. Eyes open, feet firmly on deck. We’ll go where we look towards. Yes, we all know the whirlpool of doom is there, acknowledged, check. Now, are you able to let go of the pretty picture, to see if there really is the possibility that it’s hiding something love wants to show you the way out of? Are you listening to the truth your soul whispers to you, directly to you, or are you caught in the music of sirens? Be clear. What are you looking at? What are you listening to? In the movement to get perspective, the whole world might just come to its senses in time to catch a new wind and get on course to higher seas.

The Writer Stays Within

How are you, dear readers? I am in the process of working on a new chapter for my big book, and taking some time out of my day to reflect on the time that it’s taken me to write what I’ve already written… and I wonder, you must have been busy too, writing the next chapter of your story. Are you in a quandary about where to lead your plot? Are your characters developing to your satisfaction? What about the timeline of events… is it progressing apace? I have been stymied long enough at the work before me and have finally thought, “Enough is enough, time to get this show on the road.” So I am gearing up to type out some more paragraphs and post them in the next few weeks, as they become binary-coded into form. You see, it has the mysterious feeling of something that has already been written, but hasn’t yet been “written.” Do you feel that about your own story, or are you looking at a blank page wondering what to put on it at all? Let me share my professional opinion about the writing process, summarized briefly: It’s a bright day when the sun shines on my face, but the dark illuminates just as clearly when the words start flowing, black ink on white paper. In short, I have learned to enjoy the flow of words (even if they make no sense) and immerse my mind in the point of nothing while the writing takes form. I read it when I’m done and see where I have gone while waiting for the words to show up. Then I feel what you must feel, dear readers… a sense of “Aha!” and the need to read things over a few times, and a growing appreciation for what the Renegades and crew have to share with us all.

I have been waiting to write, not because there’s been anything in my way, but because the words have not flowed for reasons beyond my ken. You may understand such a feeling, when you look at things you know you have to do and yet, there’s no movement. I could force the issue, but that isn’t how this relationship has developed between me and my literary muse. The Pleiadians are patient and even if they have something to share, it comes when the time is right. Ask anyone who’s waited for a personal message from them. Sometimes it’s lightning fast, sometimes they wait to drop the words until the most opportune time for them to be received. So now we must be in a receptive mood, for here are more words from them, and a call for us to get in touch with ourselves, and each other, through our soul connection. I felt currents of energy saying, yes, it’s time… this is the next step for us all in communicating! I have no idea where it’s leading, but to say it’s forward, upward, beyond where we are now. In the right direction.

So tell me, my friends… are you online on the soul network? Hello… we have a lot to talk about.

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Where Is Home?

Massive outpourings of blood nearly wiped humanity off the star map. It totally destroyed cultures and minds and dotted the stars with tiny outposts of those survivors who kept themselves as one during their escape and settlement. The lives of the humans who remained on the planets overtaken by the reptilian aggressors might as well have ended in physical death. A drastic and severe program of genetic degradation was implemented as a method of control. Resources were poured into scientific research on cloning, mind control, covert surveillance and brain-food growing, reducing the developmental potential and blossoming of the people. Over several generations, the changes were so noticeable you would think it was a new species. Mutations affected not only fertility but also normal brain development, brain function, demonstrative ability as to affection and compassion, and the development and functionality of biological systems. Your fear of what you call “grey aliens” sources from this knowledge, which is embedded in the collective consciousness of humanity as a race. What happened on other planets is now waking these racial memories in your people of Earth as it becomes increasingly apparent that a similar attempt is being undertaken here. You have the benefit of a new age coming into form on a cosmic scale, which saves you untold IQ takedowns, lovelessness and eventual regret. The greys you see portrayed all around you are messengers of a most candid sort. Let them show you what could happen if things really get out of hand and the dragons maintain control and decide not to leave. You are looking at a possible future you. Now, how to avert that scenario is as follows. You must learn to implement your otherwise dormant energy as a crowbar to dislodge your stuckness from the reality you’re in and sneak a peek at the reality you want to be in. You have the ability to mold your energy into any shape you like. Greet your future self. See a mirror before you. Look into it. Who greets you, and with what name do they call you? Now, let us begin to lay out a scenario for you to try. This is a taste of a possible future for your race, based on your soul’s emergence into the higher dimensions of creation of OM.

The wars are behind you. The days of bloodshed are gone. You are living and breathing on a planet far away from where you had known yourself as a human of sadness and renegade nothingness. A dream of that life dissolves as you awaken to a morning of cool breeze, north-rising sun and sweet people’s voices greeting you in camaraderie and peace. Near you is a most beautiful new creation of your heart’s desire. Beside you, fragments of yesterday’s cares melt away like snow in sunlight. Flowers of great beauty bloom outside your window. You concentrate on what you want to appear on your breakfast table and walk out to your kitchen to find all you need to prepare it. Quarter of calm peace are you, a drastic change from who you were on Earth of many conflicts. Place and time have made you whole, created in you new abilities, brought to your attention new talents and new perfection of being. You, as yourself on your home planet of the stars of the distant Pleiades, are another person in many ways. You are happy about your life situation. Drops of nectar wash over your eyes as you behold the dot of color of a flower, reminding you of Earth’s beauty and repairing your energetic damage from lifetimes of abuse. Love creates, condenses light, and arranges it as you will. Dream becomes real as easily as real becomes dream. Happiness is as attainable as breath. Dreams are not nightmares. Crowning you with coronets of light are your thoughts and dressing you are your dreams. All of your demons from your 3-D existence have been loved into friends and your nightmares calmed into a collection of dross, old beliefs and habits you dropped a long time ago, dross you collected to create a new belief set from and thus transform into light. You are a master of drawing your energy into a density of pure light and rim of OM, and dreaming is one way you use for creating your reality. You also draw, write, visualize, build, paint, sing, dance and denote in everything you do. Now you have created a world of beauty, harmony and peace, one in which mere thought certainly not only needs no work to make it become real, it also needs no time. Your needs are all met as soon as they are recognized, and your desires, wishes and dreams are, too. Creating anything is as easy as concentrating on it. Brought into being are a myriad of delightful things, people, situations and outcomes, all designed by your soul to carry you forward in your soul’s journey to wholeness in aspect and integrity of expression. Could you ever have imagined it? Yes. Could you ever have created it before you dropped out of 3-D Earth and made a decision to be here, really, on this Pleiadian planet? Yes. Could you ever have believed it? Yes. All things are possible anytime on the level of thought manifesting reality. However, when you are in the loop of time, to create things can take some time to come together. That is the only difference and the only practical force preventing you from living the life you imagine.

from Opalescence: A Renegade Pleiadian Guide to Divinity
copyright (c) 2011 Maryann Rada

The Spacetoid and the Day of Transformation

Life you need to see as sacred. It is, but you are quite off-track if you also maintain the idea that life is only a function of Earth’s planetary station. It is not exclusive to Earth, nor is the idea of nature being part of a terrestrial cage. Precious is life, yes, and abundant. You are boldly approaching an era in which notions of exclusivity are pensively to be considered as retarding your ability to create anything at all — even life in the form of a viable baby. Here begins our bedtime story to repair your fear of the dark.

Far away from the round ball of Earth are stars which appear as tiny dots of light but which are in truth each bigger than your quite tiny ball of rock. Because these lights appear to be natural bright specks in the night sky, no one on the rock questioned the spacetoid even though last time it appeared in the sky it caused total annihilation of the civilizations then flourishing on Earth. Consequently, no one really paid attention to the few who aroused alarm about its anticipated sadistic looming nearing. Consequently, no one but some few cared very much when things came falling.

And fall they did. Tiny lights began to fall out of the sky. Certainly pests, but not a concern to the numb masses. Making mountains out of molehills, doubters asked questions, and a great part of the caring ones told the stories they remembered and started a world war on the level of CIA Disinformers and Truthtellers. And within each were factions, duplicitous pawns, and so-called “spacetoid freaks” making pressing announcements about the incoming asteroid… or whatever it was.

Amid the clamor, natural processes kept progressing, making more and more people spacetoid loons. Many of Pleiadian descent awoke to their starry origins, as did many others of various brothers-and-sisters-of-the-sky origins. The awakening descended from pulsations of photonic energy from the sun, filtered through the cross-linked matrix strands of particulate matter. Great rumblings were felt far and wide, on the ground and within people’s minds. Things shifted everywhere, and nowhere was change not felt. Issuing from the planet was a massive “Yes, we are ready!”

Then the spacetoid came. It was heralded by the appearance in the sky of a round ball of light. People and the planet and all the creatures on it doubted no longer that the day of transformation had finally arrived. Loud and fast came the cries from the hearts of men — you soon will hear them. Then, long rows of modular craft raced across the sky. Quietly, down they came. Very nice were the people who appeared, gracious and beautiful, people who looked just like those of Earth but far more beautiful than any you have ever seen.

Many disappeared that day, and many remained. All those who left were aware they were to leave, long before. All those who remained were transformed. Some needed to malevolently scream out at those who left that they were abandoning them to a horrible death. Some addressed the brothers and sisters as deity or angelic beings. Squadmen were scrambled to take up arms against them, win another war, kick some alien butt. But against them none were willing to fight. None could comprehend quite how, but these creatures sorted out who was who and perfectly matched their frequencies to create a field of love which no weapon could combat. The nearest got the same as the furthest, and less was given to none.

Dramatic, isn’t it? But wait, we continue.

Beautiful and orderly was the way the day unfolded. Beautiful and orderly was the way people felt in the presence of these beings. Beauty and order drew beauty and order, and chaos became dressed in royal robes of light. Laughter and singing took the place of cries for help against the darkness which was felt by all who had lost peace in those days before the spacetoid appeared. All the scary stories were forgotten, all the monsters banished, and space offered certainty of life, love, and the light of God’s real score of Nine.

Now, stories like this are most fanciful and need clarification to be understood. More than a few on Earth believe great changes are in the offing, and more than a few rightly believe a heavenly object will come devastatingly close to the planet, probably before our book rates number one on the bestseller list. Often, predictions of doom are made by prophets or seers, but not very often are predictions made on drastic events by only dreamers or children. But recently you have heard just such big things being dreamt about and spoken about by our tiniest people quite spontaneously, quite isolated from each other, quite candidly. More you will hear of soon. Other locked realities will be unlocked soon, and other openings open, too.

an excerpt from my book in progress, Opalescence: A Renegade Pleiadian Guide to Divinity
copyright 2011 (c) Maryann Rada